Genitank mini

Genitank mini

The Kanger Genitank Mini is a lower cost alternative in comparison to the Aerotank Mini but with the same great features and performance.

It features a chrome-plated copper body, adjustable airflow controller, a pyrex glass tank and removeable 510 drip tip mouthpiece.

Clearomizers contain a heating element (coil and wick or Head) that serves to vaporize E-Liquid into vapor inside a clear tank system.

The Kanger Genitank Mini has a built-in airflow controller that will allow you to adjust your preferred draw (airy or tight),

It can hold up to 1.5mL of E-Liquid inside it's tank (reservoir) and has been designed to allow you to change/remove the Head (coil and wick) from the bottom base.

The Kanger Genitank Mini can be fully disassembled allowing you to replace the pyrex glass tank when needed and without the use of any glue.

Bottom Coil Clearomizers are known to provide a cool to moderate throat hit with superb flavor and eliminates wicking problems.

Glass tanks are ideal for cinnamon, acidic, and sour type flavors which are known to degrade or crack/damage plastic tanks.

A matching drip tip is included plus the top drip tip connection ring will allow you to use 'most' 510 size Drip Tips.


Kanger Genitank Mini Features

  • Chrome-plated Copper Body
  • Adjustable Airflow Controller
  • Pyrex Glass Tank with 1.5mL capacity
  • Improved Bottom Dual Coil v2 Heads
  • Changeable Heads / Coils
  • Removable 510 Drip Tip
  • eGo threaded to allow use on a wide variety of APVs, eGo threaded batteries & devices


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